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Slomo John Joshi
Hi greetings, I have translated this tech news issue into Malayalam ( Looks like no problem. I'm sending this email because it's my first tech news translation.  So I urge you to check this out.  Please mail me if there are any problems. Also, I would like to participate in the translation of  future tech news issues. Thank you.

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   1. Ready for translation: Tech News #29 (2020) (Johan Jönsson)


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Date: Thu, 9 Jul 2020 16:16:21 +0200
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Subject: [Translators-l] Ready for translation: Tech News #29 (2020)
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The latest tech newsletter is ready for early translation:

Direct translation link:

I plan to send the newsletter on Monday afternoon (UTC), i.e. Monday
morning PT. The existing translations will be posted on the wikis in
that language. Deadlines:

There may be more edits by Friday but the existing content should
generally remain fairly stable. I will let you know on Friday in any

Let us know if you have any questions, comments or concerns. As
always, we appreciate your help and feedback.

(If you haven't translated Tech News previously, see this email:

If I can help you with anything, please ask!

//Johan Jönsson


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