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Siebrand Mazeland
Hello fellow Indian Wikimedians.

I am writing to you to announce that the December 2009
translation rally is about to start. If you make 500 or more new translations
before the end of the year (31 December 2009 24:00 UTC), you can share in the
1,000 Euro bounty. I have high hopes that many users speaking languages from
India will be able to donate a few hours of their time translating into
languages spoken in India. Details are at

We are especially looking for translators in the following languages, but
translations in all languages are very welcome:
* Oriya
* Sindhi
* Punjabi
* Gujarati
* Kannada
* Tamil
* Nepali
* Marathi
* Hindi
* Bengali

for current localization details on the 50 largest spoken languages, of which
many are from India/Asia. Asian languages score below average on localization
level, and improving this is a gift we can give the Wikimedia Foundation for

Many thanks for your help. Especially for Wikimedia India we can make it
possible to have supporters donate their cut of the bounty to Wikimedia India
if that is something that will help your chapter! I would appreciate an
'official' contacting me in that case.


Siebrand Mazeland staff

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