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Translation request: Licensing update Q and A

Erik Moeller-4
Hello all,

I'd appreciate your help in translating the following page into as
many languages as possible:

Specifically, the most recent version:

This is the Q&A for the proposed licensing change from GFDL to
CC-BY-SA+GFDL. It's a critical element of the proposed licensing
change and will be linked to from the voting page when we ask the
community to vote on the proposal.

I would suggest to link translations at the top, and to use language
suffixes in the title (/de, /fr, etc.), per usual conventions.

This is a fairly complex document and I am happy to try to answer any
questions that may come up during translation; please feel free to
refer questions directly to me as needed.

We may need to make updates to this document as we publicize the
proposed license change. I would be inclined to make updates directly
as they come up and notify you when we reach a milestone from the
above-referenced revision, but I am happy to use any other approach as

Thanks in advance for any and all help,
Erik Möller
Deputy Director, Wikimedia Foundation

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