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UCOSP Wiktionary Android Team

Shealen Clare
Hi, Wiktionary and mobile communities!

This is the undergrad team who's writing a Wiktionary app, based on the
existing Wikipedia Android app.  We're in the early phases right now and
are aiming to have an app ready to use by April.

We're currently listing and assigning features and tracking bugs on this
wiki page:

We're in the process of getting a Bugzilla component, but until then,
please post your feature requests on that page.

If you'd like to have a look or try it out, our repository for the
project is currently at:
though that may change.

All the best,
    Tony Cheng, University of Toronto
   Shealen Clare, University of British Columbia
   Patrick Hayes, University of Waterloo
    Dale Lemieux, University of Waterloo
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