Upcoming Research Newsletter: New Papers Open For Review (August 2020)

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Upcoming Research Newsletter: New Papers Open For Review (August 2020)

Mohammed Sadat Abdulai-3
Hi everyone,

We’re preparing for the August 2020 research newsletter and looking for
contributors. Please take a look at
https://etherpad.wikimedia.org/p/WRN202008 and add your name next to any
paper you are interested in covering. Our target publication time is 30
August 15:59 UTC. If you can't make this deadline but would like to cover a
particular paper in the subsequent issue, leave a note next to the paper's
entry below. As usual, short notes and one-paragraph reviews are most

*Highlights from this month:*

   - Broadening African Self-Representation on Wikipedia: A Field Experiment
   - Characterizing Online Vandalism: A Rational Choice Perspective
   - Commonsense Knowledge in Wikidata
   - Impact of individual actions on the collective response of social
   - Multiple Texts as a Limiting Factor in Online Learning: Quantifying
   (Dis-)similarities of Knowledge Networks across Languages
   - Notable Site Recognition using Deep Learning on Mobile and
   Crowd-sourced Imagery
   - Protecting the Web from Misinformation
   - Ripples on the web: Spreading lake information via Wikipedia
   - Successful Online Socialization: Lessons from the Wikipedia Education
   - Wikipedia, COVID-19, and readers' interests across languages
   - Wikipedia, The Free Online Medical Encyclopedia Anyone Can Plagiarize:
   Time to Address Wiki-Plagiarism
   - WiTPy: A Toolkit to Parse and Analyse Wikipedia Talk Pages

Masssly and Tilman Bayer

[1] http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Research:Newsletter
[2] WikiResearch (@WikiResearch) | Twitter
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