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Upcoming Research Newsletter: New Papers Open For Review

Mohammed Sadat Abdulai
 Hi everyone,
We’re preparing for the June 2020 research newsletter and looking for contributors. Please take a look at https://etherpad.wikimedia.org/p/WRN202006 and add your name next to any paper you are interested in covering. Our target publication date is Target publication time is 28 June 15:59 UTC. If you can't make this deadline but would like to cover a particular paper in the subsequent issue, leave a note next to the paper's entry below. As usual, short notes and one-paragraph reviews are most welcome.
Highlights from this month:  
   - Modeling Popularity and Reliability of Sources in Multilingual Wikipedia
   - RuBQ: A Russian Dataset for Question Answering over Wikidata
   - SchemaTree: Maximum-Likelihood Property Recommendation for Wikidata
   - The effects of algorithmic flagging on fairness: quasi-experimental evidence from Wikipedia
   - The impact of event type and geographical proximity on threat appraisal and emotional reactions to Wikipedia articles
   - A protocol for adding knowledge to Wikidata, a case report
   - A Quantitative Portrait of Wikipedia's High-Tempo Collaborations during the 2020 Coronavirus Pandemic
   - Collective response to the media coverage of COVID-19 Pandemic on Reddit and Wikipedia
   - COVID-19 research in Wikipedia
   - Sudden Attention Shifts on Wikipedia Following COVID-19 Mobility Restrictions
   - How do academic topics shift across altmetric sources? A case study of the research area of Big Data
   - Language Models as FactCheckers?
   - The impact of news exposure on collective attention in the United States during the 2016 Zika epidemic
   - Wikidata as a knowledge graph for the life sciences
   - Wikipedia in Vascular Surgery Medical Education: Comparative Study

Masssly and Tilman Bayer

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