Upcoming press release to celebrate 5 million articles on English Wikipedia

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Upcoming press release to celebrate 5 million articles on English Wikipedia

Pine W
Dear colleagues,

Aligned with discussions at the Wikimedia Conference about coordinating
press releases around the world, I would like to invite you to participate
in the drafting and upcoming publication of a community-written press
release that celebrates English Wikipedia's milestone of 5 million
articles. I particularly extend this invitation to affiliates which are
located in areas where English (in any dialect) is a primary, official, or
common language.

Drafting and discussion are happening here:

Please ask your affiliates to participate in a near-simultaneous press
release from interested affiliates and WMF on the day that English
Wikipedia reaches 5 million articles.

Please make sure that your affiliate's contact information is current on
Meta so that it can be included in the press release. Journalists may wish
to speak with representatives of your organization about the press release
and about Wikipedia in general.

This event offers and opportunity to raise public awareness of Wikipedia in
general and our many accomplishments, as well as the many challenges and
opportunities ahead of us to make English Wikipedia in particular be more
accurate, friendly, inclusive, accessible, reputable, and comprehensive.


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