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Upcoming research newsletter: new papers open for review

Hi everyone,

We’re preparing for the March 2017 research newsletter and looking for contributors. Please take a look at: https://etherpad.wikimedia.org/p/WRN201703 and add your name next to any paper you are interested in covering. Our target publication date is Sunday June 11 UTC. As usual, short notes and one-paragraph reviews are most welcome.

Highlights from this month:
• Analyse and visualize signal of interest for Italian zone wikipedia pages
• Biases in the production and reception of collective knowledge: the case of hindsight bias in Wikipedia
• Cultural Interpretations of Global Information? Hindsight Bias after Reading Wikipedia Articles across Cultures.
• Editing Behavior Analysis and Prediction of Active/Inactive Users in Wikipedia
• Expanding the sum of all human knowledge: Wikipedia, translation and linguistic justice
• Multiple Account Identity Deception Detection in Social Media Using Nonverbal Behavior
• Nation image and its dynamic changes in Wikipedia
• The Accessibility, Readability, and Quality of Online Resources for Gender Affirming Surgery
• Using Wikipedia to Predict Election Outcomes: Online Behavior as a Predictor of Voting
• Wikidatians are born: paths to full participation in a collaborative structured knowledge base
• Wikipedia Verification Check: A Chrome Browser Extension
• Wikipedia, Work and Capitalism: A Realm of Freedom?

If you have any question about the format or process feel free to get in touch off-list.

Masssly, Tilman Bayer and Dario Taraborelli

[1] http://meta.wikimedia.org/ wiki/Research:Newsletter
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