Upstream is redesigning dashboard in gerrit - Any feedback?

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Upstream is redesigning dashboard in gerrit - Any feedback?

Hi, upstream are currently in the process of redesigning polygerrit to look more like [1].
Upstream have started to redesign the dashboard which was recently done, but upstream are now redesgning it again due to feedback that it looked old and not modern. See task

Im writing this task as i've seen tasks related to improvements to gerrit's ui being filled (against gwtui).
Does anyone have any feedback?
We can forward this upstream as they are listening to everyone's feedback.
This is your perfect chance to get your feedback in so it could possibly be done in the gerrit 2.16 / 3.0 release.


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Re: Upstream is redesigning dashboard in gerrit - Any feedback?

Stas Malyshev

> Hi, upstream are currently in the process of redesigning polygerrit to look more like [1].

I tried it out for a couple of days, and in general I have the following
(shared it a bit on IRC already but this would be more permanent I think):

1. The look is great and I like it. The following would be mostly
complaining about various details, so I just want to say it so it
wouldn't sound like I hated it :)

2. Please be aware however not everybody uses very wide screens with
windows opened full-width. So design that would require 1900px wide
windows to be useful is suboptimal. More points below on that.

3. Length of such things as usernames, branch names, commit topics, etc.
can vary wildly, thus displaying them in table may blow up the table to
very large dimensions, unless countermeasures are taken. One that I
would suggest is to make columns fixed max width (configurable would be
nice, but sane default would be ok) with title/tooltip on hover
displaying the full data. Not sure how to solve it for mobile where
there's no hover but I assume there are best practices on that already.

4. In current PolyGerrit design and it seems on the mockups the width of
the single patch display window is divided between list of patch
reviewers, etc. column, commit message and related patches. This leaves
- especially in non-full-max-width windows - not a lot of space for the
commit message to be displayed properly[1].

5. Reply button is red. Usually red means something dangerous or
erroneous or at least demanding full attention *now*. I think it should
have some more neutral color. If any button should be red it's +2 one,
but even that one probably shouldn't. But I really liked how +2 button
was highlighted in old GUI, so I would like to keep it highlighted somehow.

6. On related patches display, the long line is abbreviated with ...,
which is great. However, I'd like it to display full text on hover -
sometimes the interesting part if towards the end, and right now to get
to it you need to click through.

7. On related patches, now the status is displayed in words (like:
Merged). While it is more clear than magic colored dots of the old UI,
it also takes much more space. I wonder if some compromise can be made -
more clear than colored dot but not taking 10 char spaces like the
"(Merged)" string would.

8. There's a lot of vertical blank space if the list of the reviewers is
long and commit message is short[2].

9. Going back to +2 button, it is kind of in the middle of others, maybe
it should be next to Reply? Or at least first in line - you certainly
would be clicking it more than cherry pick or delete change?

10. I really liked how "gerrit be nice to me" extension allowed me to
paint -1'ed items in the dashboard in red and +1'ed in green. Any chance
to have it (and also a color for Merge Conflict ones)? I tried to figure
out how to do it as chrome extension but so far Polymer has defied my

11. Speaking of Merge Conflict, all I have seen in that Status column -
at least for pending patches - is empty and Merge Conflict (there's more
for merged patches but how often do you look at those? Not too often). I
wonder if that column - which now occupies prime real estate right in
the middle of the screen - could be shortened somehow or converted into
pictograms or anything like that? Or at least let me rearrange columns
so I could put it on the less prominent place.

12. On I see there's WIP badge
on changes - like Can we get
the same thing please? I know I can do [WIP] in commit message, but this
way is so much nicer :)

13. In old UI, I could edit the file in the patch right in place. Don't
see it in the new one. Haven't used it *that* much but sometimes it's
useful when you notice wrong whitespace or something and can fix it
right there then.

14. All docs are for old UI as it seems. I wonder if there are docs for
PolyGerrit UI?


Stas Malyshev
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