Using a special page to creat multiple articles.

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Using a special page to creat multiple articles.

Patrick B. Day

I've been trying to create a special page for research papers that creates
multiple articles (e.g. a separate article for the author(s), the paper
summary information article and several categories that tie them all

The main code for saving an article uses Article::insertNewArticle() to
insert the article text and Title::exists() to determine if the article
exists before I save anything. I've looked at the EditPage class to mimic
it's way of saving pages which appears to be pretty straight forword.

The pages are created as I expected but the categories are messed up.
(i.e. some of the articles appearing in categories that the shouldn't be
in and other articles no appearing in categories where they should be).

Am I trying to do something that mediawiki is not designed to do?
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I'm using mediawiki 1.5.



Patrick Day
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