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Videos for Wikipedia Articles - Ongoing vote! Who will win?

Manuel Schneider-3
Dear all?

disclaimer: This is a german-speaking project. I thought I should share
this with you anyway, due to your affinities.

"videos for wikipedia articles", short "VWA", is a project which runs
for almost one year.
The efforts of "primary public service 2.0" (incubator of Leuphiana
University), WikiTV and the science year 2014 (digital society) have
been combined. The result was a project supported by Wikimedia
Deutschland and the federal ministry for education and research to
foster videos in Wikipedia:

* video competition on the creation of videos in the context of "digital
society" for Wikipedia

* workshops to train and support future video producers

* intensive advertisement and outreach via banners on Wikipedia,
mailinglist posts, international discussions like the video lunch at
Wikimania etc.

The workshops are all over now and the submission deadline for the
competition is past - now it is your turn!

Which videos should win? You vote!

There are 44 videos in three categories, you have ten votes which you
can distribute freely:

Click through the categories, choose your prefered videos, share the
news! We aim at a broad participation.

In parallel to the community vote there is a jury which is assessing all
videos, so there will be two winners in each category, in total there
will be six prices to be awarded at the ceremony at Wikimedia
Deutschland on December 5th.


A big thanks to Rillke who set up the voting tool!

Thanks a lot for your participation and regards,

Wikimedia CH - Verein zur Förderung Freien Wissens
Lausanne, +41 (21) 34066-22 -

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