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Jan Luca



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Gesendet: Samstag, 4. Dezember 2010 19:01
An: Mailing list for Wikiversity
Betreff: Re: [Wikiversity-l] Sandbox Server


Hi all,

2010/8/11 Jan Luca <[hidden email]>


I hope some persons will look on http://beta.wikiversity.org/wiki/Sandbox_Server and write a notice if they want to help in a project. There are some projects started yet.

I'd like to make a new call for Sandbox projects.

I've done a bunch of preliminary research, and re-confirmed that WM.DE is willing to help fund to start the project. (Much thanks to them for this)

I'm going to BE BOLD here and state that I'd like to see the server up and ready for projects before the end of the month, perhaps sooner. There are some small details to work out, but I think we can get all of the process done in a tight timeframe.

I've got a few projects in mind for the Sandbox Server, but we need more then just those projects to make the sever a success. I also want to make sure each project has enough resources, both technical and non-technical.

To be clear: You don't have to be technical to propose a Sandbox project -- you just need a good idea. To get your idea deployed, you might need a technical person, and we're going to be trying to recruit a few of them. If you _are_ a technical person, it might help if you could recruit someone to be a non-techie to bounce ideas and get feedback from.

So, let's hear some ideas!! You can get feedback from this list, and if you have a formal proposal, please post a pointer to the wiki page on the this list.


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