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WIMP reinstallation

Andrew Mole
The hard-disk with my WIMP Installation of MediaWiki 1.5 (inside a WAN
setup) has just died, so I am planning to rebuild (using backups of the
MySQL database - MySQL 4.1). I am wondering whether to install MySQL
5.0.18instead, and wondered whether there were likely to be any
problems with
that. I have read the MySQL upgrading advice (
http://dev.mysql.com/doc/refman/5.0/en/upgrading-from-4-1.html), and it
mentions running a *mysql_upgrade* script. However, I will be reading the
dump into the new MySQL, so I am not sure whether that still applies and if
so whether I should just import and then run the script. Does anyone else
have experience of this that they could share? I read the archives and noted
that Jan Steinman and Brion Vibber discussed having issues with MySQL 5.0.16

My original installation used PHP 5.0.4, and I am planning to upgrade that
as well to PHP 5.1.2. Does anyone have any comments on that?

To complete the information, the Win2003 server is using
IIS6.0(administrator's choice, but it should make it easier to support
a simple
creation of users based on network usernames).

Any guidance much appreciated.


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