WIkimania Poland and Indian Wikipedias on newspapers

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WIkimania Poland and Indian Wikipedias on newspapers

CherianTinu Abraham
Some articles on Indian Wikipedias and WIkimania Poland on newspapers

"Madness with a Message " on Bangalore Mirror Page12 ( 18July 2010, TODAY)
article by Srinivas Gunta ( User:Gurubhrama ,Member, EC, Wikimedia India Chapter ) on Wikimania Poland and Indian language Wikipedias

"Wikipedia , growing Local" on Indian Express (17July 2010)
Gautam John ( Member, EC, Wikimedia India Chapter)  on Wikipedia's growth and linguistic diversity challenges

"How Can Wikipedia Grow? Maybe in Bengali" on New York Times
Dont forget to see to mention of Bishakha Datta and A. Ravishankar ( Tamil Wiki) 

"Wiki learns a lesson in Bengali" The Telegraph July 14 , 2010 

Some photos : Indian contingent @wikimania ( Missing Achal Prabala & Salman from Delhi) 

Jimmy Wales, the founder of Wikipedia, displaying the malayalam wikipedia CD at wikimania during his key note address

Very glad to see India and Indic language Wikipedias of strategic importance to Wikimedia Foundation and Wikimania 2010.

Special Thanks to Bishakha & Achal for helping us sort out our visa related issues in attending the Wikimania 

Tinu Cherian 

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