WM06 : Hacking Days notes & events tonight

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WM06 : Hacking Days notes & events tonight

WM06 updates :

We are in the middle of the last of the hacking days.  All 40-50
people together have somehow stayed in relatively high-bandwidth
harmony at OLPC each day, with a minimum of media disturbance...
tonight it's time to kick back.

== Events tonight ==

The first conference-wide party is being held at Redline in Harvard
Square, hosted by the Sunlight Foundation.  Come by from 9-11 to enjoy
an open bar and say hello to Dan Gillmor, Doc Searls, Ethan Zuckerman,
Micah Sifry, and many others.

For details and directions, see :

== Upcoming events ==

Check out the events page above for other things going on; including
calvinball, a GdGdR danceathon, and the conference party Sat. night at
the MIT Museum with robots and holographs.

== Other notes ==
Marshall Poe's "The Hive" essay in the September Atlantic Monthly is a
good historical read; if you want to see a paper copy, a few will be
available at the poster/demo session tomorrow night.

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