[WMF website] which page your language community needs in their own language?

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[WMF website] which page your language community needs in their own language?

KIZU Naoko
Here is the list of Wikimedia website pages:

Most of pages are available in a few languages (around five or six).
So we need to ask translators help. And here a matter of priorities
arises, since most of translators would like to know from where they
are expected to start.

To determine the order of requests, I would like to hear from the non
Egnlish communities. Which page do you want in urgent? And why?

This question is independent from another which information the
Foundation would like the world to know in my opinion. To find the
best way to satisfy the audience, I would like to know what could be
"the largest happiness of the majority", that is why I make that

When I talked with a speaker who is good at English as second/foreign
language as well the majority of his native language community, he
suggested that his community would be happy to have some pages in
their own page even if they are not heavily troubled to read English
documents. On the other hand, a community which are tend to be
xenophilophobia would answer "all" - but I expect not every community
says so, and since we cannot do everything in a moment, we would do a
better job, knowing what is the most needed and what is the less, even
if we provide all in translation at last.

If you bring this question to your language community, either mailing
list or wiki discussion page, and gather the answers, it will be a
great help for our further working.


Kizu Naoko
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