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The Wolf Mountain Group has been reincorporated as a C Corporation with
10,000,000 shares of common/preffered stock and the LLC has been
dissolved effective November 19, 2006.  The company is now Wolf Mountain
Group, Inc.

I also received a disturbing email from Mr. Wales to the affect some
people in the community and business community seem to have a mistaken
belief that the Foundation and Wolf Mountain Group have some sort of
partnership.   I will clarify and address these statements.

There is NO formal partnership between the Wikimedia Foundation and the
Wolf Mountain Group, Inc.  of any kind, nor is there likely to be in the
future.   The basis for this position is that the Foundation is a
non-profit entity and the Wolf Mountain Group is a for profit domestic
corporation which is 100% owned and controlled by Tribal Members or
Tribal Entities of Native American Tribes.   A formal partnership
between the two entites would preclude our participation in many of the
programs of the Federal Government since the Foundation is not eligible
for participation in any of these these programs for Native American
Tribal entites.  WMG, Inc. as currently structured is eligible for 8(a)
status with the Federal Government, which means we come before minority
businesses and even the open bidding process due to our status on
equipment purchases and business arangements with the Federal
Government, ANA, and BIA.  A partnership with the Foundation would
preclude us from our primary mission to serve the Native American Tribes
with our programs and place this status in jeopardy.

I have no idea where this mistaken belief has originated, so I am
correcting it.   WMG is simply a consumer of Wikipedia content like many
other groups who work with the Wikipedia community, the Wikimedia
Foundation, and various stakeholders in the effort as do a large number
of other groups who interact with the Wikipedia projects.    Mr. Wales
is under some impression there is some sort of "bad blood" with various
members of the community as well he cannot correct.   My response to
this is its irrelevant to our mission and business objectives.  The last
company I co-founded sold to the Canopy Group for 3.9 million dollars,
and the one before to Network General for 10.1 million dollars, so I
know how to create profitable ventures and we do contribute to the
Foundation in many ways that are complementary.

My message to those with "bad blood" is get over it.   WMG isn't going
away, and and we have 175 languages to preserve.   I want everyone to
understand that our mission overshadows any personal issues people may
have with me personally, or our company.    We don't care, and to be
honest, its not relevant.  We all have our roles and as a consumer of
Wikipedia content we are a "customer" of sorts of your efforts.

We look forward to promoting Wikipedia content and working with the
Foundation as a Wikipedia customer and content consumer.    For anyone
spreading these rumors there is some sort of "partnership" we ask you to
please stop immediately.   These statements are untrue and contrary to
the facts.



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