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WebService for MediaWiki-Visualizations

Urs Richle
On purpose to visualize the semantic content of MediaWiki, I wrote a
WebService as a MediaWikiExtension. With this WebService it would be
possible to create independent visualizations outside of MediaWiki with the
technologie of your choice.
The WebService proposes the semantic net content of MediaWiki through tree

 1) getTopicNames()
This method returns the different topic names of the MediaWiki plateform.
Topics can be of different types: existing or wanted category, existing or
wanted article, author, image. The methode returns an array : (topicTypeName
=> array(array(name, url))).

2) getTopicLinkage($term)
This method returns an array with the topic name, his type, the number of
links to this topic, the URL and an array with all links from this topic to
other topics (each link is an array(name, type, url)) types can be: existing
or wanted category, existing or wanted article, author, image. If no topic
matches to the term sent, NULL is returned.

3) getTopicMap()
This method returns the semantic content of the MediaWiki platform in XTM
(Topic Maps) standardised format. You can read the returned topic map with
applications like TMNav and TMBrows from TM4J.org or Omnigator from
ontopia.net. The returned topic map file is an XML file respecting the XTM
dtd with the extension "xtm".

MediaWiki-WebService uses the NuSOAP library:

You can get the WebService Package here:

An example of a WebService-Client you will find here:

Comments and further developpement welcome!
Urs Richle

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