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Welcoming Committee needs some help

Brianna Laugher
Please help us stalk newbies!

When they are new is our best chance to catch them and correct their
mistakes, before they upload 200 images under a wrong license and no
categories... these are the two most important mistakes. Uploading
stuff under unacceptable/wrong/no license or no source, and not
categorising good images.

Orgullobot automatically welcomes around 50-70 new users per day, who
have made at least one edit or upload. EugeneZelenko and I cannot
check this many people. As we know it takes 2 seconds to upload a
copyvio and 2 months to get rid of it... but the earlier we can catch
them the quicker they can be deleted. Be ruthless!

So all you need to do is just check their contribs and if they have
made any mistakes, correct them (if you want) and tell them how to
correct them and what they did wrong. e.g. post {{please link images}}
when they should categorise. Use NSD and {{copyvio}}, tell them
there's no originality in screenshots, there's no fair use, use
CommonsHelper to transfer images...etc.  Once you've done this remove
their name from the log.

If, by some miracle, they don't make any mistakes, you may want to
congratulate them, or else just move onto the next person. :)

Note YOU DON'T HAVE TO BE AN ADMIN TO DO THIS! You just have to have a
decent understanding of what's OK and what's not, and what the correct
procedure is.

Hope to see some new eyes on this log soon!

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