What's happening with the Community Village this year?

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What's happening with the Community Village this year?

Cornelius Kibelka
Hey all,

some of you might have thought already: What's happening with the Community Village this year?

My name is Cornelius, some of you might know me from previous Wikimanias, or the Wikimedia Conference/Wikimedia Summit in Berlin, that I organize annually. This year, I'm volunteer to revamp the Community Village a bit and try out new things.

I would like to highlight two opportunities at this year's Wikimania:
  • As an individual participant: Especially for newcomers, Wikimania is an overwhelming event: So many participants, so many talks to choose, how do I get to know people? We would like to introduce an easy, light-way to get to know people. We will contact everyone who has bought a ticket via Eventbrite, and will send you a form asking a couple of questions, like your main interest at Wikimania, and a photo. Based on this info, we will print participant cards, cluster them by main interest, and hang them: So at one glance you will see who's there and who's interested in the same topic like you! You can find all details regarding that in the Wikimania wiki.
  • As a Wikimedia affiliate: Affiliates are an important part of the Wikimedia movement: We would like to give them the space to present their work via an “organizational gallery” that will connect two main conference buildings. If you are part of a Wikimedia affiliate, you can submit a poster that will be printed for you and hung on the organizational gallery. If you are interested in submitting. You can find all details regarding that in the Wikimania wiki. Please note: This is not María Cruz' poster session, that focuses on projects & initiatives. María has a different process, that is already completed.
For both, submission deadline is August 9. Of course, both opportunities are completely voluntarily – but let's try out something new and see how it goes! :)

I've set up a page in the Wikimania wiki explaining everything that I wrote about:

If you have questions on anything regarding that, please drop me a line.


Cornelius Kibelka
Internationale Beziehungen | International Relations
Vorstandsteam | Office of the ED

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