Whither Wikinewsie.org?

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Whither Wikinewsie.org?

For reference, when reading the title, [1].

For confidence from those who use wikinewsie.org, it isn't going
anywhere. But, where next for the little bit of 'social engineering'
it's been?

People in European countries are stuck with State/Interior Departments
which refuse to recognise those who don't make the majority of their
living from journalism as members of the press. There's the odd judicial
judgement giving 'citizen journalists' the same protections and courtesy
as the 'formally recognised' press; sadly, we lack the infrastructure to
robustly rely on such judgements, or to indemnify people where they
might-well get themselves in trouble.

Lots of things have been tried on various language Wikinews projects;
those with an interest in the educational aspect of quality journalism
are likely to have a really broad range of things they might regard as
priorities. What might build readership, contributor levels, encourage
'more ambitious' reporting? What makes the project more-respected, even
if that is solely outwith the Wikimedia 'movement'?

If we need an organisation like The Wikinewsie Group (TWG)[2], what
goals do Wikinews contributors and editors want to see it achieve? What
do you, regardless of the language you call "Mother Tongue", see as the
most-readily supported, and argued for, purpose of a NPoV news source?
That can be the 'sausage machine' of rewriting mainstream news so "What
was known at the time" goes into a freely-accessible archive, or it can
be capturing the moment "On-the-spot" reporting. If you're wise, I
suspect it will be both.

Please help make sure this reaches people on non-English Wikis. The
needs, and perceived goals, of Wikinewsies around the world are
stunningly diverse. Wherever TWG jumps in setting up and first
registering, we've a messily diverse constituency to satisfy.

[1] https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/whither
[2] https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/The_Wikinewsie_Group

Brian McNeil
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"Facts don't cease to be facts, but news ceases to be news."
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