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Hello Everyone!

In Punjab, India, we have recently formed collaboration with 6 government GLAM institutes including 3 museums, 2 libraries and 1 archive, with numerous meetings and communications with officials that went around for nearly a year. They agreed to collaborate with us for Content donation and agreed for us to document and digitize their books, artwork, and archives.

This is a big breakthrough for us in India especially Punjab, where convincing government to form partnerships with open source projects is rather tough to crack. We hope that this experience of government collaboration can also bring fruitful learnings to other communities. We will be facing several challenges for digitization due to lack of resources in our community. Hope our endeavors can be supported for us to make this beautiful project happen.

Please check out the project grant we are proposing and leave us inputs and any suggestions. We welcome all ideas and suggestions and hope to learn more from all of your experiences. Since this is our first time putting a project grant, we apologize in case something seems out of order. We are also happy to answer anything that doesn't seem clear on discussion page. We from our end tried to keep it as detailed as possible to make our project more explanatory. Please support us if you feel our efforts are worthy enough.

We hope to do capacity development and document Heritage via our project Wiki Loves Heritage - focused on rare documents, archive and books that have clear historical and cultural importance but have no online presence. Thank you in advance for providing us opportunity to make impact. We hope to grow from emerging community into one of the strong community in the coming time. Here is the link to our grant:

Please endorse it to help us get support and infrastructure we need to make an impact.

Best Regards,

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