Wiki Loves Monuments - International and U.S. Winners!

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Wiki Loves Monuments - International and U.S. Winners!

Kevin Payravi
Hi all,

Speaking as a co-organizer for Wiki Loves Monuments in the United States, I'm pleased to relay that the international winners of Wiki Loves Monuments 2018 have been announced! Check them out if you'd like to see awesome pics of historical sites from around the world.

WLM Blog coverage:

Wikimedia Foundation Blog coverage:

If you haven't yet, you can also check out the top-ten photos from the United States' national competition here:

I'm thrilled to say that a photo from the United States placed 9th internationally. The photo is of the Procession Panel found along the Comb Ridge in the Shash Jaa National Monument. The photo is by Marc Toso from AncientSkys Photography (

Another photo from the United States placed 16th internationally; this was a photo of Hidden Lake Lookout by Nick Archibald

Wiki Loves Monuments 2018 saw over 258,000 photos submitted by over 14,000 photographer from 50 countries. In the United States, we had over 10,000 photos uploaded by over 1,900 individuals. Last year we had no U.S. images in the international top-25, while this year we had 2 - which is a great improvement to see!

I'd like to give a quick thanks to the international WLM team, my fellow U.S. organizers (Niki Korth and Laura Soito), and our numerous awesome judges who went through an endless number of images. Finally, a shout-out to anyone from WALRUS who participated in WLM this year.

Kevin Payravi
SuperHamster on Wikipedia

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