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Wiki Loves Monuments in the US - Info, promoting, jury, & more

Kevin Payravi

Hi all,

Nikikana and I are thrilled to be organizing Wiki Loves Monuments in the United States again for the second year in a row. The event officially kicks off September 1st, at 4 AM UTC / 12 AM EST / 9 PM PST.

Last year's event brought in over 11,000 photos (6th in the world) from over 1,700 individuals (1st in the world), and we hope to see great numbers like these again for 2017 - and we need your help!

Please take a glance at our event page:

Ways you can help make Wiki Loves Monuments a success in the United States:

* Promote! We want your state represented :) If you are part of a Wikimedia affiliate, please promote the event on your social media and network. If you have contacts at historical societies, museums, etc., consider contacting them to see if they would be interested in sharing the event with their own networks, social media accounts, etc.

* We have created guides to finding monuments for each state and most territories: <>. While each state guide contains links to NRHP lists, most could use some help with links to state and local lists of historical sites. Feel free to expand your state's guide.

* We need jurors! Our judging process takes place over several weeks in October, and we'd love to have Wikimedians involved. As a thank-you for this year, all our judges will be receiving a WLM US t-shirt after the event. If you have an eye for photography and/or a knack for historical sites (or know someone that does!), and would like to help out, please reach out to Nikikana, our jury coordinator, at [hidden email].

* We're setting up a press page at <>; it's pretty simple now, and will be expanded soon.

Follow us and tag us in your social media:

If you have any questions, please feel free to reply or get in touch with me Niki and I at [hidden email].


Kevin Payravi

SuperHamster on Wikipedia

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