Wiki Wednesday in London (June 2007)

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Wiki Wednesday in London (June 2007)

Gordon Joly

The next Wiki Wednesday in London will be different in several respects.

First and foremost, it will in South London.

Secondly, there will be two main presentations, followed by short
talks from anybody who wishes to speak. David Terrar  is the master
of all again.

1) Microsoft SharePoint Server 2007 - Microsoft speaker TBA

2) The cultural effects of using wiki technology in organisations - speaker TBA

SharePoint has been discussed and presented at previous meetings,
hence the first item. The second comes from a question at the
previous meetings, but I believe the questioner might have asked
about cultural aspects in general, whether inside an organization or
not. The name Wiki Wednesday is somewhat of a misnomer, in that all
types of CSCW and related software technologies are discussed (e.g.
online shared spreadsheets).


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