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WikiCurriculum closure/departure..

Thank you all for your advice about the WikiCurriculum Project.  Feedback
has been quite positive and helpful, and the majority opinion seems to be
that the project should be somehow integrated into Wikiversity.

I have decided to host the project elsewhere.  The new project wiki can be
found at

While it was tempting to try to integrate the project into Wikiversity, I am
able to use semantic mediawiki at the new site, and the mathweb site also
integrates some new math-specific technology that I am interested in.

I certainly appreciate any feedback, and please follow the project at its
new home if you are interested.

I have placed a message on the WikiCurriculum meta page, announcing this
closure.  Please feel free to close down that project -- it is now redundant
and out of date.. let me know if there is anything else that I should do.

Thank you very much,

Marty Weissman
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