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WikiSym and Workshop on Wikipedia Research

Jakob Voss-2

The program of WikiSym (2006 International Symposium on Wikis) at August
21th-23th in Odense, Denmark is published:

Not all abstracts are uploaded yet, but the names and titles promise an
interesting, constructive meeting of Wiki researchers. Angela will give
a general talk on Wikipedia and I'll do a workshop on Wikipedia
research, based on a review of the Wiki Research bibliography - so I
would be glad to meet you in Odense! If you think about participating in
the Workshop on Wikipedia Research please add yourself here:

The Workshop on Wiki Markup Standard is also relevant for Wikmedia if we
want to make our content more shareable - I'd like to see Brion there,
maybe the Foundation can send him?

At this year's Wikimania, there will also be a research event, but it
seems not to be decided yet:

I've seen that Fernanda Viegas will speak at both Wikimania and WikiSym,
and Semantic MediaWiki (which is really great by the way, I hope to get
it into Wikipedia soon!) will also be presentated at both conferences.
So there is some overlap, but in general WikiSym seems to be more
scientific orientated - I you are more lucky than me then just come to
both events! For WikiSym you should register until June 19th (in 10
days!) because its cheaper until this date!

Greetings and see you in Odense,
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