WikiTrust v2 released: reputation and trust for your wiki in real-time!

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WikiTrust v2 released: reputation and trust for your wiki in real-time!

Luca de Alfaro-4
As some of you might remember, we have been working on author
reputation and text trust systems for wikis; some of you may have seen
our demo at WikiMania 2007, or the on-line demo

Since then, we have been busy at work to build a system that can be
deployed on any wiki, and display the text trust information.
And we finally made it!

We are pleased to announce the release of WikiTrust version 2!

With it, you can compute author reputation and text trust of your
wikis in real-time, as edits to the wiki are made, and you can display
text trust via a new "trust" tab.
The tool can be installed as a MediaWiki extension, and is released
open-source, under the BSD license; the project page is

WikiTrust can be deployed both on new, and on existing, wikis.
WikiTrust stores author reputation and text trust in additional
database tables.  If deployed on an existing wiki, WikiTrust first
computes the reputation and trust information for the current wiki
content, and then processes new edits as they are made.  The
computation is scalable, parallel, and fault-tolerant, in the sense
that WikiTrust adaptively fills in missing trust or reputation

On my MacBook, running under Ubuntu in vmware, WikiTrust can analize
some 10-20 revisions / second of a wiki; so with a little patience,
unless your wiki is truly huge, you can just deploy it and wait a
Go to for more information and for
the code!

Feedback, comments, etc are much appreciated!

Luca de Alfaro
Ian Pye
Bo Adler

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