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Lars Aronsson
Here at the Wikimania conference, there is a lot of talk
about Wikidata and Wikibase coming to Commons, but it is
not clear how or when. Since it's very abstract still, it
is not clear whether one should be happy or scared.

I see that interwiki links for Commons categories can in
some cases be covered by Wikidata. I just removed all the
interwiki links and "Sister Wikipedia" links from the
Category:Sweden. The result was not obvious at first, as
all interwiki links seem to still be there, now pulled
from Wikidata. But now they go to Category:Sweden on
Wikipedia and not to the article Sweden.

Is this something we should start to do on a large scale?
Or something we should avoid at all cost, because we
prefer to link Commons categories to Wikipedia articles?

It is confusing that even though Wikidata claims to represent
concepts, the country Sweden has two different nodes for
the Wikipedia article,
and the category,
both representing the same country.

Can I find out how many pages on Commons pull interwiki
links from Wikidata? Did this count increase by one,
when I made that edit?

The category page also contains short descriptions in a
handfull of languages (en, de, fr, it, ja, nb, sv, fi, uk),
but these could also be better served from Wikidata.
What do I write in the Category:Sweden page to pull the
short text descriptions from Wikidata?

Wikidata currently has short text descriptions of Sweden
in only 4 languages (da, de, nb, sv) and they differ
from the short text descriptions on Commons. For example,
in nb (Norwegian bokmål), Wikidata says "Kategori:Sverige"
whereas Commons only says "Sverige". Shouldn't all
categories that pull their interwiki links from Wikidata
also pull the short text descriptions from Wikidata?

Since this category represents a geographic entity, its
center coordinate should also be given as an "Object
location", which is currently missing.

But perhaps that information should rather be inserted
into Wikidata? Even better than the center coordinate would
be the border outline from OpenStreetMap? In OSM this is
relation 52822, which also provides the name in many
different languages,

   Lars Aronsson ([hidden email])
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