Wikidata recentchanges on commonswiki and ruwiki not shown

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Wikidata recentchanges on commonswiki and ruwiki not shown

Jaime Crespo
Hi all,

This is a heads up that I asked, and other developers agreed with the
decision, to *temporarily* disable wikidata-originated recentchanges
appearing on commonswiki and ruwiki (Commons and Wikipedia in
Russian): [0]. I cannot disclose right now all reasons (we will do
when things are fixed), but please understand that server admins only
do this in case of emergencies such as things being down or in a very
broken state. For your tranquillity, this will not affect any wikidata
functionality and has no edit or other data loss- it will only make
wikidata edits not be *shown* (but they will take effect) on
recentchanges and watchlist on other projects (but updates and
wikilinks happen as usual) during the time it is disabled.

Part of the story can be read at [1], even with only that information,
the rollback I think is not much worse than the issues created. We do
not discard extending this action to other wikis, too. We apologize
for the impact this could have on vandalism patrolling- we will try to
make things better soon, so that both errors are minimized but also
new features can be active again soon.


[0] <url:;d48276756839dc9922ac00aebc87b20d31ad2474$209>
[1] <url:>

Jaime Crespo

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