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[Wikide-l] Fwd: [Wikimedia-l] WMF Board and FDC's elections - delay by one week

Nicole Ebber
Guten Abend,

wie Katie Chan aus dem Election Committee gerade auf Wikimedia-l schreibt,
werden die Wahlen für Board of Trustees und FDC um eine Woche verschoben.

Die Wahlen finden nun vom 8.-22. Juni statt.

Alle Informationen findet ihr auf

Viele Grüße,

Nicole Ebber
International Affairs

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Date: 31 May 2013 23:30
Subject: [Wikimedia-l] WMF Board and FDC's elections - delay by one week
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The Election Committee regrets to advise that it is necessary to delay the

> start of voting in the WMF Elections 2013 for one week.  This delay is
> being implemented for three reasons:
> * We have been unable to verify that the list of eligible voters is
> complete and that all voters meet the published criteria
> * We have been unable to verify that the SecurePoll setups for the
> election are properly functioning
> * The voter interfaces have not been translated and are not currently
> available in any language other than English, thus disadvantaging
> Wikimedians who do not read English.
> The following changes are now made to the Election timeline:
> *8-22 June 2013: elections
> *23-25 June 2013: vote-checking
> *25-28 June: publication of results.
> For the Election Committee,
> --
> Katie Chan
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