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patricia ximena meza lòpez

Rose Li

                                    It excuses not to have responded your
and-meil but he/she had problems with my PC. At home, I have a lot of
interest in making business with you; in these moments that that but it
urges me it is that you send me
Catalogs of you scheme of dexterity those type ping ball, since I have a
client that wants to embark a container of 40 feet and I need to know how
many you scheme they fall in the container and their values.
                                    The business is urgent.
                                    Apart from that I want catalagos of Mp
4, Screens for PC. Of plasm page
I also have order of PC Notebook, with Windows Western xp, Televisions also
with screen
                                     Dear Ros, my name is Patricia and my
Last name is it Rocks, it is not it rocks of the patrician.
                                     Returning to the business the first
thing that would leave embarking this month is the container of you scheme
them of dexterity he/she sends the pamphlets that you have and but you have
it tries to contact me
With the maker so that I sent myself the prices in dollars and the
commission that it corresponds me this whole business we would make it
through a bank in China with LETTER OF CREDIT or I eat your you estimate it
is better, here in chili I work with the Korean colony, my Work consists on
seeing them The Judicial part
But I want to enlarge my item and it is for it that interests me that you
send me the Urgent Catalogs.
                                      I have a client that pokes him to buy
CD/DVD / to record I refer to those
Disks for PC.

                                     I say goodbye very grateful of your
good dispocisión with me.

PD: my address so that you send me the catalogs via currier it is:


MSN Amor: busca tu ½ naranja http://latam.msn.com/amor/

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