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Abhinav srivastava
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From: *Yohann Thomas* <[hidden email]>
Date: Friday, 2 November 2018
Subject: [Wikimediaindia-l] Featured Wikimedian of the Month - November 2018
To: Wikimedia India Community list <[hidden email]>

Dear Community

After a small break, I'm glad to announce the Featured Wikimedian of the
Month for November 2018, Mr. Varun Chandola.

Varun Chandola with the User Name ArmouredCyborg is a Hindi Wikimedian from
Bageshwar, Uttrakhand. He primarily edits on Hindi Wikipedia along with
English Wikipedia and also tries to document Uttrakhand by uploading
pictures on Commons. Varun started editing Wikipedia since mid 2016 and has
never looked back. He has  almost 12k global edits and his created page(s)
have turned into the featured article(s) on Hindi Wikipedia. The Presently
featured article on Kashipur is also written by him. He endeavors to reduce
the number of one-line articles or stubs on Hindi Wikipedia to the lowest
number possible in the near future, expanding articles and turning them
into quality is equally important as creating new articles.
Varun's journey started on Wikipedia by editing articles on Indian Music.
He has a large collection of Music DVDs and to catalog his music library,
he started searching for information on the Internet. When he couldn't find
all the information at one place he started editing and putting the same on
Wikipedia. This turned him into a Wikipedian.

Varun presently works for Military Engineer Services and is based in
Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh.

You can find his profile on our website

If you know any such amazing & hard working community members, who deserved
to be our next featured Wikimedian, please write to me at
[hidden email]

Yohann Thomas
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