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[Wikihi-l] Needs assessment for Wikidata Movement Resource

Ananth Subray
Hello Wikimedians,

CIS-A2K is planning to invest some resources from May-June 2020 to create
community movement resource (CMR) materials in English and different Indic
languages for Wikidata in the form of tutorials, handbooks, infographics,
videos, animations etc. The aim of this initiative is to build a pool of
resource materials for Wikidata eventually, which will serve as ready-made
handy references for new as well as experienced users. You are requested to
fill up this form
that we can understand your needs on different topics of Wikidata. You are
also very welcome to actively participate in the process and help us build
the CMR with your different areas of expertise.

Thanks and Regards,

Programme Officer
Access to Knowledge Programme <https://cis-india.org/a2k/cis-a2k>
The Centre for Internet & Society

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