Wikimania '18 - Cape Town Drought Situation

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Wikimania '18 - Cape Town Drought Situation

Ellie Young
There have been a number of articles in the news recently about the drought/water situation in Cape Town.   Here is information we have obtained from the Cape Town Visitors and Convention Services Bureau.  

“The City of Cape Town and the Western Cape Provincial Government are doing everything in their powers to mitigate the challenges faced by the ongoing drought in the region.


Importantly, at the current dam levels, the City of Cape Town has assured us that Cape Town will not run out of water until March next year and by then several of the City’s initiatives will have come on line to push that day out even further. By working together with businesses, through a variety of initiatives, the aim of the local and provincial governments is to ensure that the taps do not run dry at any point.


From a tourist perspective, it is important to realise that despite Cape Town being a popular destination, foreign tourists only make up on average 1% of the population of the Western Cape Province at any given time, and total tourists (foreign and local) constitute only 3,4% of the total provincial population on the busiest days.


There is thus no need for tourists to change their plans or to consider alternate destinations.

That said, visitors are asked to be aware of the current water crisis facing the city and province and to adopt the approach launched by the City to ‘Save like a Local’.


For useful resources and water saving tips please visit:

​We do not believe this is an issue that should cause people to 'panic' or not attend.

On behalf of the Wikimania '18 organizing team,


Ellie Young
Events Manager
Wikimedia Foundation

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