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Wikimania 2007: Note for registrars

Titan Deng
From: Littlebtc <[hidden email]>
Date: 2007/6/25 下午 10:34
Subject: [Wikimania-l] Wikimania 2007: Note for registrars
To: "Wikimania general list (open subscription)"
<[hidden email]>


* Accommodation booking has been re-opened on 7th June, and will be closed
again on 30th June. The beds left are limited, the organizing office will
try to provide enough beds for attendees during Wikimania 2007. But if you
miss the date of booking an accommodation, there won't be any guarantee for
accommodations. Please notice the date and new booking policy.

*Attendees registered during 15th May to 7th June who need accommodations,
please send a message, mail to wikimania-registration at with
your name and how many nights you wish to stay at CTOYAC. Important: please
indicate if you are a speaker or scholarship awardee in this message.

*Each one who will attend the conference no matter you will need
accommodation or not, PLEASE REGISTER NOW. (Including the speakers and
scholarship awardees.) This will help the organizing office provide the best
service for all participates during the conference.

registration with accommodation, PAYMENT SHOULD BE MADE WITHIN 48 HOURS .
Otherwise, registration and accommodations will be canceled by system
automatically. Accommodations will be arranged according to the order of the
time you pay. This is a waiting list, so there's no guarantee. The
organizing office will try to do our best for all participates.

*If you miss the timing to book accommodation, please contact with
CTS-Travel. (

Thanks for your cooperation.

Littlebtc / 笨笨的小B / 小犬 (Xiaoquan)
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