Wikimania 2007 Team Bulletin, 14 November, 2006

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Wikimania 2007 Team Bulletin, 14 November, 2006


Wikimania 2007 Team Bulletin

14 November, 2006

Call for Help
  • school promotion tour and volunteer recruitment
  • translation
  • someone who is conversant with PayPal

According to the November 8th meeting of Wikimania 2007 Taipei Team and discussion after meeting, the following matters should be publicly announced, and we the Team is looking for help or opinion about these matters:

  1. The Team expresses gratitude to Association of Digital Culture of Taiwan(ADCT, 數位文化協會) for thier participation on Wikimania 2007 preparation work.
  2. The Team will investigate the approximate amount of foreign attendees before the end of this year.
  3. The Team is considering a separate advance register process for attendees from countries or areas where citizens may need further assistance in applying for the visa or entry permit to Taiwan.
  4. Logo Contest is in preparation.
  5. The program committee is going to start to meet on IRC. Please notice correlative information.
  6. The website division need someone who is conversant with PayPal. Please contact Littlebtc.
  7. Hacking Days is under arrangement. If you have any suggestion, please contact b6s or go to the talk page of Hacking Day ( ).

If you have any questions or suggestions, please leave them at...

Everyone is welcome to reproduce and distribute this bulletin to their websites, mailing lists, BBS, blogs, and so on, but please kindly include the Bulletin's original location on the official Wikimania 2007 website in your distribution.

Wikimania 2007籌備快報


Call for Help
  • 巡迴校園推廣活動暨義工培訓的各校聯絡人
  • 翻譯人才
  • 熟悉PayPal的人


  1. 感謝數位文化協會參與活動籌備。
  2. 籌備團隊準備在今年年底前大致調查有多少外國朋友要來參加活動。
  3. 籌備團隊考慮對於來台不便國家的參加者提供分開、提前的報名程序。
  4. Logo競賽籌備中。
  5. 議程委員會即將開始IRC線上會議,敬請留意。
  6. 網站部門希望召募熟悉PayPal的人,請與 小b聯絡。
  7. Hacking Days正在構思,有任何意見請找b6s,或是到Hacking Days的討論頁( 提出看法。


願意在自己的網站或部落格幫忙傳播這份快報的朋友,歡迎直接轉貼,但請務必提供連結連回在Wikimania 2007官方網站上 本期快報

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