Wikimania 2007 Team Bulletin, 21 October, 2006

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Wikimania 2007 Team Bulletin, 21 October, 2006

Wikimania 2007 Team Bulletin

21 October, 2006

Published by the Wikimania 2007 Taipei
*Team Bulletin* provides the latest news of the Team's organizing work to
everyone who is interested in Wikimania; it also gives the Team chances to
announce calls for help/participation, so assistance in human and other
resources can be sought in a wider range. *Team Bulletin* is published at
the official website of Wikimania 2007 and released to the public domain.
Everyone is welcome to reproduce and distribute it to their websites,
mailing lists, BBS, blogs, and so on, but please kindly include the
Bulletin's original link at the official website of Wikimania
2007<>in your distribution.

In the weekly meeting of the Taipei Team on October 19th, team members
reported their work and discussed the following matters:

   - The sponsorship division expresses gratitude to Chunghwa
their generous sponsorship.
   - The website division reports that Wikimedia Foundation has set up
   the official website for Wikimania 2007. The division will implement the web
   pages, infrastructure as soon as possible.
   - The scholarship<>committee
is being planned. This committee will work with the Team and the
   Foundation in handling scholarships for attendees from outside of Taiwan.
   - Frances is named the local press contact and is in charge of media
   request, public relations, and advertisements.
   - Tzu-Chiang<>is
the Team's
and is in charge of program and topics.
   - The team is looking for contact persons from each school for the "Campus
   promotion tour and volunteer
   activity. The team asks any student associations, computer centers, clubs,
   and libraries in Taiwan that are interested to contact the team.
   - The team is looking for more
a site manager for the conference

If you have any questions or suggestions, please kindly leave them at
foundation-l mailing list
[hidden email]