Wikimania 2008 - Urgent Bid deadline

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Wikimania 2008 - Urgent Bid deadline

James Forrester

This is final notification that we will stop accepting all Bids for
hosting Wikimania 2008 in just over 24 hours' time, at midnight
(00:00) GMT on Friday 31 August 2007. At that time, all outstanding
Bids including at least some of the fundamental information will be
taken through to the next round, as per the timetable on meta.

If you are considering placing a serious Bid, you have a *very* short
period in which to post it to meta, so please do not leave it any

Good luck to all involved!

On behalf of the Wikimania Jury,
James D. Forrester
[hidden email] | [hidden email]
[[Wikipedia:User:Jdforrester|James F.]]

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