Wikimania 2019 / Small Wiki Toolkits quick summary

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Wikimania 2019 / Small Wiki Toolkits quick summary

Srishti Sethi
Hello everyone,

I would like to share a quick summary of Small Wiki Toolkits, which was one of the focus areas at this year’s Wikimania Hackathon.

As part of this focus area, five workshops and two sessions were conducted that covered a wide range of topics – developing user scripts and gadgets, working with Wikimedia APIs, writing templates in Lua, generating Wikidata infoboxes, leveraging Wikimedia cloud services, etc. Participants also engaged in other activities such as the Wikidata documentation translation sprint and cleaning MediaWiki:Common.css with TemplateStyles.

All toolkits are now available on the Meta page: You can also add this page to your Watchlist to keep upto date with the next steps on this project!

To learn more, read the complete summary on Wikimedia Space:

Srishti Sethi
Developer Advocate
Wikimedia Foundation

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