Wikimania 2019 disinformation meetup follow-up

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Wikimania 2019 disinformation meetup follow-up

Leila Zia

This message is for those of you who attended the disinformation
meet-up [0] in Wikimania 2019 [1] or others who may be interested.

* The notes from our meet-up are now posted in the bottom of the page [0].

* I was tasked to see if is the place for us to
continue conversations about this topic. The answer is yes. Thanks to
the help of Elena Lappen, we now have a dedicated subcategory for
disinformation: . Feel
free to subscribe, watch, and/or post new topics if you're involved in
this space.

* If you are new to this conversation, please read the purpose of the
subcategory at
and welcome! :)



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