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Wikimania events

There will be a few events at Wikimania.  Among them :

* A Friday evening poster reception, with some cool new demonstrations
* A Saturday night party, with robots, holograms, and a Web 1.0 theme
* The World Calvinball Championship
* The Wikimania Awards, with prizes for the best free-content media
and writing uploaded to the projects over the past year
* A free-content film festival, including a presentation of a clip of
the documentary of last year's Wikimania presented by the filmmaker,
Rory O'Connor (with some thoughts on why he came to think a
community-edited Wikimentary would be a great idea; cf.
[[m:Wikimentary]] )
* Outings into the city on Monday; rumours of a beer-sampling run.
* A 40th birthday party for Jimbo, Friday night

...and a few other satellite parties.  Keep an eye on the events page,
and update it with events you know of that are planned for Wikimania.

All the best,
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