Wikimania is over, time to change ImageInfo

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Wikimania is over, time to change ImageInfo

Yuri Astrakhan
It was great to meat many of you during the Wikimania conference in
Taipei. Thank you for all the ideas and suggestions.

Breaking change:

I have changed the prop=imageinfo a bit to return size values as
integers in json format.
More importantly, in order to simplify imageinfo format, the
repository name is now an attribute of the page element, not the
imageinfo element.


Missing image:
      <page ns="6" title="Image:someNonExistingImage.jpg" missing=""
imagerepository="" />

Image exists:
      <page pageid="25046" ns="6" title="Image:Test.jpg"
          <ii size="105542" width="800" height="600" />
          <ii size="28521" width="800" height="600" />

Image exists -- json:
                "pages": {
                        "25046": {
                                "pageid": 25046,
                                "ns": 6,
                                "title": "Image:Test.jpg",
                                "imagerepository": "local",
                                "imageinfo": [
                                                "size": 105542,
                                                "width": 800,
                                                "height": 600
                                                "size": 28521,
                                                "width": 800,
                                                "height": 600

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