Wikimedia Board Election is calling for endorsements

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Wikimedia Board Election is calling for endorsements

Christophe Henner
I'm posting it on behalf of Election Committee. -- Schiste

Hi Wikimedians,

As you may know, we are currently holding the Board of Trustees
elections. We are very grateful to your collaborations for sharing the
info, through translations, forwarding and other several ways.

Last Sunday, June 17, the Board Election has entered its second phase:
call for endorsements from the community to the candidates. Only
candidates who get 12 or more endorsements in the following week will
be able to run in the election.

For further information, please see m:Board
elections/2007/Endorsements. ( )

We would appreciate your translation of this message as well as other
Election related information. If you'd like to offer further help,
just contact your language coordinator and regularly check the list of
candidate statements.

If there's no coordinator for your language, please consider joining
our translations team. Please contact User:Schiste or User:Aphaia on
meta if you have any question.

Cheers, Wikimedia Election Steering Committee

Usefull links:
* The page about
the Board of Trustees on the Wikimedia Foundation website.
* Board of
Trustees elections 2007
Translations Coordinators
Candidates Statements


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