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Wikimedia CH Newsletter: May & June 2014

Wikimedia CH-2     Wikimedia CH Newsletter May & June 2014 

Association's life: Call for Projects

In order to prepare the 2014-2015 Wikimedia CH, we are making our third public "Call for Projects". Therefore we're looking forward to hear your ideas for activities and projects. Only if we know about your ideas, we can also include them in our plans. And exactly this is our focus: To be close to Wikimedians, and to be close to the Wikimedia Projects. You find further information on MetaWiki:

What has happened since our last Newsletter

23 March 2014 General Assembly Zürich
27 March 2014 Wikimedia: Look behind the scenes (french), by Wikipedians in Residence Swiss National Library, Bern
29 March 2014 Wikipedia-Stammtisch Zürich Annual meeting in Solothurn
1 May 2014 WikiPermanence BCU, Lausanne
6 May 2014 Brown-bag lunch with WMCH, talking about Wikimedia and Wikipedia offline Impact Hub, Zürich
9 - 11 May 2014 Hackathon 2014 Youth Hostel, Zürich
24 May 2014 Wikipedia Atelier Swiss National Library, Bern
31 May 2014 Photo Workshop Corner, Zurich
13 June 2014 Google Serve: Wikimedia CH is at Google's in Zurich to work on MediaWiki and Kiwix Zurich
21 June 2014 Edit-a-thon World War I Swiss National Library, Bern

Upcoming Events

7 August 2014, ab 16:00Uhr Wikimania Treffen deutschsprachiger Wikimedianer im William Blake London
8 - 11 August 2014 Wikimania London
16 August 2014 Zurich Stammtisch: Summer BBQ Stallikon (ZH)
30 August 2014 Lake Constance Wikipedia Meet-Up with Excursion to Water Power Plant Bludenz
30 August 2014 Wikipedia Atelier in the National Library Bern
6 September 2014 Edit-a-thon Contemporary Art & Feminism, 2pm Corner College, Zurich
13 September 2014 Edit-a-thon: Women for Wikipedia PH Zurich
18 September 2014 Conference 2014 Volkshaus, Zürich
27 September 2014 Zurich Stammtisch Zurich
3 - 5 October 2014 WikiCon Cologne
28 October 2014, 18:30 Wikipedia Evening Unternehmen Mitte, Basel
1 November 2014 Wikipedia Atelier in the National Library Bern
29 November 2014 Zurich Stammtisch Zurich

Wikimedia CH Projects

Wikimedia Hackathon 2014 in Zürich

Zürich Hackathon
Wikimedia Hackathon Zurich 2014 Group picture - CC.BY.SA 3.0 Christian Meixner

Every year the Wikimedia developer, admin and tech community meets for a workshop and working weekend at a Hackathon. From May 8th to 11th, this year's Hackathon was being held at the Zürich Youth Hostel.

Details on the Hackathon:

GLAM: Wikipedians in Residence in der Schweizer Nationalbibliothek

Collection of pictures by Eduard Spelterini
CH-NB - Aegypt, Pyramids of Gizeh - Eduard Spelterini

CH-NB - Transvaal, South Africa - Eduard Spelterini

CH-NB - Mer de Glace, Mont-Blanc-Group - Eduard Spelterini

The National Library Bern uploaded a collection of 116 pictures to Wikimedia Commons. This was the first of a series of uploads, which is being supported by the Wikipedians in Residence Micha Rieser and Emmanuel Engelhart and the National Library. The collection depicts the pictures of the pioneer in aviation, Eduard Spelterini, which he took during his balloon journeys over Switzerland, Denmark, Egypt and South-Africa in 1893 until 1924. You can see amazing landscapes and historic insights into the areas back in these years, from a very rare bird's eye view. They are therefore very well suited to illustrate an encyclopedic article in Wikipedia. The pictures were being digitized from glass plates and are now available on Wikimedia Commons in very high resolution:

Library Science Talk

Our two Wikipedians in Residence, Micha Rieser and Emmanuel Engelhart, were guests at the Library Science talk in order to inform about their work at the Swiss National Library:

Offline Dissemination Program

WMCH at Impact Hub Zurich: Wikipedia offline was the subject of a talk at the Impact Hub in Zurich on May 6: Brown-Bag-Lunch Session. The event was attended by around 20 people and perceived very positively: People were asking lots of questions and interesting contacts could be established. We hope to return to the impact-hub for editing sessions in autumn this year.

Google Serve

Wikimedia CH was contacted by Google Zurich for their Google Serve activity. Long story short: Google Serve is a concept where Googlers volunteer for a NGO/not-for-profit institution during one day. This year we had 9 Googlers working on fixing bugs for Wikipedia Offline. Emmanuel Engelhart, the developer of Wikipedia offline, coordinated the work. We're very much looking forward to repeat this activity next year - maybe even with other Google Offices around the world.


Wikipedia Atelier

On June 21, the Wikipedian Hadi organized the first Wikipedia-Atelier in the german-speaking part of Switzerland. Numerous community members showed up and discussed & edited together. If you want to be part of the upcoming ateliers on August 30 and/or November 1, please make sure to get more information here:


Wikimedia CH is always happy to support initiatives coming from the community. In May and June, our micro-grants committee was able to grant the following financial support to community members:

  • Scholarships for a community member from Lausanne for his visit of a conference
  • Purchase of safety equipment in order to be able to take pictures from contruction areas
  • Taking over the costs to rent a room to host a photographic workshop in Zurich
  • Take over the costs for a guided tour through a museum for a Zurich Stammtisch which will take place in September
  • Pay for a round of coffee during the Wikipedia Atelier in Bern 

PLEASE get in touch with us in case you're planning upcoming activities and hand in your micro-grants request here:

Press Accreditation

Landsgemeinde - Glarus 2014 - CC-BY-SA 3.0 Ludovic Péron

Landsgemeinde - Glarus 2014 - CC-BY-SA 3.0 Ludovic Péron

Wikimedia CH supported three Wikimedians in getting their press accreditation for the Landsgemeinde in Glarus, in order to cover the event on 4th of May for Wikimedia Commons. Have a look at the astonishing pictures that were created at that day: 

Zedler Price

"Di alemannischi Wikipedia het zäme mit de nidertütsche Wikipedia de Zedler-Priis 2014 för frais Wösse gwune." 
And now for all non-german speaking Wikimedians: The alemannic & low-german Wikipedias won this year's Zedler Price. Again, Wikimedia CH congratulates all editors being active in these Wikipedias. What a great accomplishment. To get more infos, you can read the report in alemannic:


This year's WikiCon, the reunion of the german-speaking community, will take place from 3th tip 5th of October in Cologne. Wikimedia CH will support this event with a financial support to the organisation as well as grantig scholarship to attendants. We will announce the procedure for the application of scholarship within WMCH asap. Until then: Make sure to submit your ideas for a session until the 15th of August:

Wikimedia Worldwide

Working Groups


  • Wikipedia Interview with Sue Gardner on SRF Echo der Zeit:
  • Wikimedia Germany in the Neue Zürcher Zeitung:
  • News from our neighbor chapter Wikimedia Autria. Read more about their opendata portal in their press release:


Last but not least: If you have any input for our Newsletter let us know! We're happy to communicate about your activities and projects!

Upcoming Events 
8th -11th of August:
Wikimania in London

16th of August:
Zurich Stammtisch Summer BBQ

30st of August:
Writing Atelier in the Swiss National Library



Have a look at the pictures from our voluntary photographers who covered the event "Landsgemeinde in Glarus" for Wikimedia Commons


The collection of Eduard Spelterini from the National Library is online on Wikimedia Commons. 




These - and many more information - you'll find in our Newsletter! 

If you have any news that you would like us to report about in our Newsletter, let us know!


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