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Wikimedia Deutschland offering short term contracts

Daniel Kinzler
Wikimedia Deutschland is offering contracts for a couple of projects we feel are
important. If you are interested in earning some money by helping Wikimedia to
improve our Wikis, have a look at these projects:

* Evaluate the impact of using flagged revisions on the German Wikipedia -

* Rewrite CatScan, a tool for finding pages in a set of categories recursively,
based on various criteria -

* Store interwiki-links in the database, just like we already store
interlanguage-links -

* Improve the Gadgets extension to allow for gadgets to be enabled per default,
be restricted to specific user groups, etc -

* Implement full support for TIFF files, including multi-page TIFFs, similar to
how DjVu is handled -

If you would like to help with any of the above, please contact me at
<daniel.kinzler AT> and provide the following information:
* Your real name and country of residence
* How you plan to go about implementing the desired function
* Any experience working with MediaWiki
* How many working hours you would spend on it, and how much you ask for it
* In what time frame you would be able to do the job

This information is also available at

Thanks for helping us make the web a better place!

-- daniel

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