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Wikimedia Grants: Every language in the world

Daniel Bogre Udell
Hello, Wiktionary community!

My name is Daniel Bogre Udell and I'm a co-founder at Wikitongues, a
non-profit organization and international volunteer community dedicated to
defending linguistic diversity. We're building the world's first public
archive of every language in the world, and counting some very enthusiastic
Wikimedians among our ranks, we're excited to announce that we've submitted
a proposal
this upcoming round of Wikimedia Project Grants to support Poly, an open
source platform for sharing and learning languages.

Poly stands to improve the language content for both Wiktionary and
Wikivoyages by creating a broader network of language content aggregation.
Through it, the breadth of these projects will be expanded and their
language accuracy improved. Furthermore, in gaining access to new language
communities working with Wikitongues, Wikipedia stands to benefit from the
incubation of new language editions.

We're eager for community feedback, so if you think there are more points
of alignment between Poly and Wiktionary, please let us know in the
project's discussion section

Finally, if you believe this project to be worthwhile, we would be honored
to have your endorsement, which you can enter in the project's Endorsements
We would also greatly appreciate it if you can spread the word among your
fellow Wikimedians.

Thank you very much!


Daniel Bogre Udell

Every language in the world

+1 (917) 975 1410
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