Wikimedia Hackathon May 9th - 11th in Zürich - Upcoming Registration Deadline

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Wikimedia Hackathon May 9th - 11th in Zürich - Upcoming Registration Deadline

Manuel Schneider-3
Dear all,

as you all know the next Wikimedia Hackathon takes place in Zürich,
Switzerland. Registration is already open for a while and we already
passed the deadlines for scholarships and visa assistance. Thanks to the
WMF and several chapters we could assign 29 scholarships to participants
and facilitate 10 visa applications.

This Sunday we need to close the accommodation booking. So if you want
to participate in the Wikimedia Hackathon and you want us to book a bed
for you, please register NOW.

Fill in this form to register:

We have 15 beds left until the Youth Hostel is fully booked, 144
participants have registered so far.

If you do not need an accommodation provided by us you have more time.
Still we would be in favor if you could register soon, so we can adjust
the number of t-shirts, badges etc. Last minute registrations on site
are possible but then don't expect us to have surplus swag left for you ;-)

More information on the event, the location and the program can be found

Please also those who have already registered review the suggested
sessions and workshops, add your support or your own submission, to help
the program team to prepare some good sessions for you!

See you soon in Zürich,

Wikimedia CH - Verein zur Förderung Freien Wissens
Lausanne, +41 (21) 34066-22 -

_______________________________________________ Wikimedia CH website
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