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Emeric Vallespi
** I already sent this email to the chapters/affiliates mailing list but
I'm not sure all representatives subscribed to the list. Sorry for
cross-posting **

Dear fellow wikimedians,

After a resolution from the board, Wikimédia France has cast its vote for
the Affiliate-Selected Board Seats. We believe we would share our reasoning
behind in this venue.

It was not an easy choice − this year election is blessed with a lot of
strong candidates.

Unsurprisingly (since we endorsed him), we placed Christophe Henner as #1.
A volunteer for 12 years, and a Wikimédia France board member for 10 years,
our current chair has again and again demonstrated his commitment to the
movement and his leadership. Especially, he led the big transformation
which Wikimédia France went through in 2013, in the midst of our governance
crisis. Both as chair of Wikimedia France and now deputy CEO of a large
organization, he acquired the experiences needed to deal with the situation
WMF is going through now. We know he will be an asset to the Board of
Trustees in these trying times.

Our #2 is Nataliia Tymkiv.
Since ~3 years she's in the Board of Wikimedia Ukraine, she proved
abilities to structure her chapter, improve the financial, transparency and
governance processes.
She is also involved in the cooperation between several chapters − we
continue to be thoroughly impressed by the activity in the CEE region, and
we understand that she is a very active leader in this regional cooperation.
Furthermore, her professional experience in NGO appears to us necessary for
the next Board of the Wikimedia Foundation, in order to refocus the WMF on
its commitment and goals about knowledge's free access.

We believe these two candidates are complementary and can bring useful
(soft)skills, backgrounds and experiences. Last but not least, both are
supporters of the Wikimedia Cuteness Association and are commited to foster
Cuteness in the movement!

Other candidates seemed to us qualified for the job too and we discussed at
length on how many candidates we should support. We finally chose to vote
for only two candidates as there are two seats.

What is often see as a crisis is also an opportunity for our movement. An
opportunity to step back and consider who we are, what needs to be done to
finally become the movement we all dream of. In our opinion, Nataliia and
Christophe are the right fits to help us go down that road. To make our
movement as great as the individuals who make it.

Best regards,
Emeric Vallespi
Vice President

Wikimédia France
www.wikimedia.fr | Twitter: @Wikimedia_Fr

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Twitter: @evallespi
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