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[Wikimedia-l] Best Dutch contributors of 2018 awarded

Romaine Wiki-2
Hi all,

In the Dutch Wikipedia we started in 2015 with awarding the best
contributors of that year with an award to celebrate the best among the
many welcome contributions. We (Taketa & Romaine) got inspired by the German
initiative <https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:WikiEule> on the German
Wikipedia that started a year earlier to do the same and was a big success

The WikiOwls, WikiUilen in Dutch, are symbol for wisdom and free knowledge
of Wikipedia.

The Dutch Wikipedia is known for its hard criticism and we hope that these
awards, to celebrate the valuable contributions, help to balance out the
criticism, as well as that they give inspiration for future contributions.

The process of the WikiUilen on the Dutch Wikipedia is twofold: first any
active contributor on the Dutch Wikipedia can nominate in six categories
other users that they think are the most valuable contributors for the past
year. The six categories are best newcomer, best writer, best illustrator,
best editor, best collaborator and best project. We then make a list of the
nominees and publish it (without indicated who nominated) on Wikipedia.
Second any active contributor on the Dutch Wikipedia can vote secretly.
Traditionally the most valued contributors of the past year are awarded
with a small statue at the new year's event of the local chapter.

The new year's event is an interested event for many editors to come to as
result of a mix of things together. It is hosted at an institution (often
an museum, usually one we worked together with in the past year) where
there is an overview of what happened in the past year and what will happen
in the coming year, an award ceremony for the WikiOwls, a free visit and
guided tour through the institution, and concluded with a drink. This
formula of a combined activity works very well and is for many years a
great success.

Yesterday the new year's event took place in the Netherlands in Burgers' Zoo
<https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Royal_Burgers%27_Zoo> in Arnhem where the
participants had half a day to freely walk through the zoo (and take photos
to enrich Wikipedia of course). With the award ceremony I first gave an
introduction, followed by experienced editors we asked to hand out the

Today the results of the fully community driven voting (and preceeding
nomination) for the WikiOwls also has been published on the Dutch Wikipedia
(in Dutch) at: https://nl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:WikiUilen/2018

The next edition of the WikiUilen will be organised again starting in
November 2019.

Greetings (also from my colleague Taketa),

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